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Blackwork Black Chloroprene Gloves

por Blackwork

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Box of 100 Blackwork Black Disposable Chloroprene Gloves for Tattoo, PMU, and Piercing Procedures

Take advantage of maximum protection, comfort, grip, and flexibility with the first-ever patented chloroprene tattooing gloves. Now, you can enjoy sterile tattooing procedures that enhance your overall experience and allow you to focus on your creative vision first and foremost.

Being the most scientifically advanced tattoo glove currently available in the industry, these gloves keep your hands clean and protected from harmful pathogens. Aside from being as safe as can be, features that make your tattooing experience all the better include a textured surface for a firm grip and amazing tactile sensitivity you won’t believe. With such elastic flexibility and zero resistance in this patented chloroprene formula, common problems like wrist fatigue and hand pain go out the window.

These “handy” gloves can be slipped onto dry or wet hands with ease. This listing is for one box of 100 Blackwork Chloroprene Black Disposable Gloves, available in sizes X-Small up to X-Large.


  • Material: Patented chloroprene formula; latex-free
  • Color: Black
  • First patented medical grade chloroprene exam glove
  • Most scientifically advanced glove in the industry for maximum protection
  • Zero resistance for reduced hand fatigue; high elasticity
  • Textured for a sturdy, firm grip; remarkable tactile sensitivity
  • Can be worn with dry or wet hands
  • Designed for tattoo, permanent makeup, and body piercing procedures
  • Price per one box of 100