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Xtreme Ink Flesh Tone Color Set

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ntroducing Xtreme's Flesh Tone Set: Unlock the Essence of Realistic Skin Colors

Skin tones are undoubtedly complex, often challenging artists to achieve the perfect blend of hues. Xtreme has taken out the guesswork, presenting the ultimate solution with our meticulously crafted Flesh Tone Set.

This comprehensive collection of ink shades serves as a solid foundation for all your flesh color needs, ensuring that you can effortlessly capture the true essence of lifelike skin tones.

The Xtreme Flesh Tone Set is a carefully curated selection of colors, expertly formulated to provide a versatile range of shades. Each ink in the set has been meticulously calibrated to offer seamless transitions from one tone to another, enabling artists to achieve remarkable depth and realism in their artwork.

With this set, you can confidently embark on any tattoo project involving human figures, knowing that you have the ideal palette at your fingertips.

The set includes the following colors: Flesh Tone Extra Light, Flesh Tone Light, Flesh Tone Medium, Flesh Tone Dark, and Flesh Tone Extra Dark.

At Xtreme, we are dedicated to surpassing the competition in every aspect. Our tattoo inks are sterilized to ensure the utmost safety, while being vegan and organic, meeting the highest ethical standards. We never test on animals, demonstrating our commitment to responsible practices. The ready-to-use feature of our inks saves you time and effort, as they are ready to go straight out of the bottle. Additionally, our ink production process has a very high level of QC, ensuring environmental and client safety.

Xtreme's Flesh Tone Set also stands out with its ability to heal quickly, thanks to its water-based pigment dispersion. This means your clients can enjoy their tattoos with minimal downtime. Our rigorous quality standards guarantee that you receive only the finest ink for your artistic endeavors.

Unlock the true potential of your artwork and capture the beauty of human skin with Xtreme's Flesh Tone Set.

With our commitment to safety, ethics, and quality, we provide artists like you with the tools to create breathtaking tattoos that leave a lasting impression.

Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the precision and authenticity that Xtreme's Flesh Tone Set delivers.