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Single Box of 10 Spades Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Artists can count on Spades Cartridges as the new gold standard for tattoo needles. These needles are known for their stability and precision, allowing for comfortable and stress-free tattooing.

These cartridge needles are each manufactured and assembled by laser-guided robotic machinery. This precise method of assembly ensures uniform and exemplary cartridges that have consistent performances. When it comes to tattooing, these cartridges have zero vibration and no wobbling or side-to-side movements.

Featuring surgical steel needles and medical grade plastic components, Spades Needles are carefully inspected, safe to use, and individually packaged in sterilized blister packs. The Spade liners and shaders are built with an extra long taper and offer easy, less traumatic skin penetration for optimal healing. The Spade magnums, more traditionally constructed, offer the same optimal penetrative qualities of the liners and shaders. Spade cartridge needles are easy to clean and feature the signature Spades logo.

This listing is for one box of 10 Spades Tattoo Cartridge Needles,  Choose from round liner, round shader, and magnum, and curved magnum needle types. 


  • Needle Type: Round Liner (RL), Round Shader (RS), Magnum (MG1L), Curved Magnum (MG2L)
  • Surgical steel needles with medical grade plastic components
  • Manufactured by laser-guided robotic machinery
  • Low vibration for comfortable tattooing
  • No side-to-side movements or wobbling
  • Comes with internal membrane to prevent ink spit-back
  • Compatible with all standard cartridge grips and machines
  • Carefully inspected and packaged in sterilized blister packs
  • Price per one box of 10 needle cartridges