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Prophet Wireless Tattoo Pen T100

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Prophet T100- iF Design Award 2022

The Prophet T100 has unrivaled coloring results that speed up your work with minimal damage to the skin.

The top of Prophet wireless tattoo machine shows the characteristic of this machine, there are three unique components: 35° bevel OLED screen to show it all; a Shining ambient light to create a working atmosphere; an Originally designed slide button to control the whole pen. Our passion is to implement intelligence into tattoo machines, in order to support each of our beloved tattoo artists to present their outstanding skills.

  • Motor: Customized 6W German FAULHABER brushless motor, with minimum noise & vibration
  • Strokes: 4.00mm, for demanding lining and color packing
  • Voltage: 5V-12 V, control by slide button
  • Modes: Efficient & Flexible, for various demand
  • Battery: Up to 8 hours (replaceable 2040mAh Panasonic NCR18500A battery)
  • Screen: 35° bevel OLED Screen, offering a comfort angle to show states of voltage, modes, battery, App & Bluetooth connection
  • Ambient Light: DIY ambient light with RGB color by the App
  • Grip: Compatible with most cartridge needles
  • Shape: Ergo-designed shape for ultimate comfort
  • Material: Premium aircraft-grade aluminum material for corrosion resistance
  • App: Connect by Bluetooth, able to control Voltage, Modes and colors of Ambient Light. Memorize personal setting
  • CRM: an unique CRM(customer relationship management) system tailored for tattoo artists